How to Beat the Heat in Your GA Apartments

Living in top floor of your apartment building can be very tough during the hot summer days. The sun beats on your roof throughout the day and for sure one of the side walls is also under the direct sunlight at different times of the day. This constant heating by the sun makes the inside of your apartment pretty hot during the day. Some of the residents of top floor apartment in stockbridge ga have maintained that the heat does not seem to be escaping the inside at night as well. No matter how many windows and doors you open the heat never exits fully. This situation can be discomforting as you cannot have your calm night sleep. There are many easy and simple ways to beat the heat in your apartment. The first thing is that you get some foil and place it in the window when the sun hits that area, The foil keeps the sunrays reflected out and big possibility is there that your apartment receive very little amount of sun heat. This foil can be removed in the evening the widows are left open. The open windows allow some cool air from outside to enter your apartment and cool the temperature from inside.

It is quite possible that you turn on fan with some clever trick. More often the fans are found to be revolving the hot air of interior only. To improve the air of the fan and make it cooler, place the fan in front of the window from where it pulls the cooler air of the outside in the evening and at night. If you have another window right opposite the fan, keep it open and the cross ventilation of the air greatly helps in normalizing the temperature of the interior. You can enhance this procedure by placing a big bowl of icy cold water in front of the fan. Keep the height of the bowl at the level of the face of your fan where the air can beat the surface of the water and then spread in the room. The air gets cold the moment it hits the cold water. This method is effective but cools down one room only in ga apartments. At least you can have a good place to sleep with comfort.

As you are living in a rental unit in apartments stockbridge, you cannot do much changes in the apartment to make your living as you like. The best thing is that you buy a portable air conditioning nit and turn it on for your room. It cools down the environment and gives you great comfort for sleeping at night and working during the day. As this air conditioning unit is not required to be fixed on the wall, you can take it with you anywhere you like. It is a good investment and provides long lasting and more efficient solution of heat and sleepless nights. So, try these simple but effective methods to beat the heat of your apartment.